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Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen)

Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. ("Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen)") is a wholly-owned equity investment management company registered in Qianhai, Shenzhen, by Fortune Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen) is accredited by the Asset Management Association of China as a private equity manager (Manager Registration No. P1064701), and is able to manage private equity investment funds, private equity FOF funds, venture capital funds and venture capital FOF funds.

Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen) is also a Qualified Foreign Limited Partnership (“QFLP”) Manager and a Qualified Domestic Investment Enterprise (“QDIE”) Manager, approved and accredited respectively by two inter-sectoral committees lead by the Shenzhen Municipal Financial Service Office. QFLP enables Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen) to raise funds outside China mainland, exchange the funds for RMB and invest in RMB-denominated private equity assets. QDIE allows Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen) to raise funds in China mainland, exchange funds for other currencies, and invest in foreign currency-denominated private equity assets.

Being able to facilitate two-way cross-border investments, Fortune Asset Management (Shenzhen) works with the Group’s other licensed entities to help bring the mainland Chinese, Hong Kong, and the other markets closer.